Gifted and talented

For support for the Social Emotional Needs of the Gifted, check out SENG.

The Gifted and Talented program at Irish Elementary is responsive to student needs and varies from year to year.

Curriculum enrichment, accelerations, and compacting are used to meet the needs of students who may benefit from additional challenge in the areas of math, language arts, science, leadership, and creativity.

Although offerings vary from year to year base on resources and student needs, the followiing programs are key elements:

Advanced Math: The M3 (Mentoring Mathematical Minds) curriculum is used to motivate and challenge mathematically promising students in the area of algebra. Explore the parent link for M3.

Lego Robotics: One new element is the creation of a Lego Robotics Team sponsored by Intel. Here is a lnk to the Colorado First Lego Robotics League.

Advanced Math and Science or "STEM": STEM stands for Science Technology, Electronics, and Math. This program integrates instruction from all four areas through field research both on and off campus to learn more about the natural world. Colorado State University provides us with a graduate fellow who co-teaches this program.

Advanced Literacy : Students who demonstrate advanced literacy skills are able to participate in dynamic programming options which utilize technology and literacy to perform research and book studies utilizing the Great Books Program, William and Mary Center for Gifted Education Program or book study groups on a challenging level.

Mentorships: Based on personal interests, students are paired with a professional in the community who helps them complete a project of special interest. 

For more information contact:  Robin Brown