Positive Behavior Intervention Support


PBIS stands for Positive Behavior Intervention Support.  It is a program designed to explicitly teach the academic behavior and social skills that students need to be successful learners in school.  It is based on the understanding that this type of explicit teaching is the most important and successful part of comprehensive behavior support, with more intense small group and one on one support for students that need extra help in showing successful learning behavior. 


At Irish, we have 3 school rules:

Be respectful.

Be responsible.

Be safe and healthy.


We teach these school rules as they should look and sound in each area and situation in the school: the lunchroom, the hallways, the playground, the bus, the office, the gym, media center, and in different situations in the classroom. Parents are encouraged to familiarize themselves with those positive behavior expectations and re-enforce them at home. To see our teaching matrix that explains the behavior expectations for each setting; click here.


Major/Minor referrals

Part of supporting students in positive behavior is by accurately documenting negative behavior in order to provide students with timely and effective interventions to correct it.  “Minor referrals” are documented by the teachers, and they are used to help staff determine patterns or the function of behavior.  Parents may or may not be notified if their child has a minor referral, since it is generally dealt with in the classroom. “Major referrals” are serious violations of the Poudre School District code of conduct, and usually require administrator response.  Parents will always be contacted if a Major Violation occurs.  For more information about major and minor violations, click here.