Art Room Updates

First of all, a big congratulations to the following artists, whose artwork was featured in the district art show, Creative Endeavors, at Foothills Mall. The art show was a huge success and was very well received in the community!

This year’s featured artists were:

-Daniel L., Kinder

-Alexander Z., 1st

-Edgar G., 1st

-Ezra S., 1st

-Liliana B., 1st

-Clara L., 1st

-Isabel E., 1st

-Nina R., 1st

-Nicole Z., 1st

-Kai R., 2nd

-Allison P., 2nd

-Natalie B., 2nd

-Victoria S., 2nd

-Angelique L., 2nd

-Olivia G., 2nd

-Jaymeson W., 2nd

-Celeste Q., 3rd

-Hailey R., 3rd

-Anai R., 3rd

-Ava N., 3rd

-Lorenzo M., 3rd

-Sherlyn M., 3rd

-Liam C., 3rd

-Emmiline T., 3rd

-Mira R., 4th

-Annabelle M., 4th

-Ava G., 4th

-Steven C., 4th

-Maya P., 4th

-Lila R., 4th

-Darey C., 5th

-Yaire R., 5th

-Yael M., 5th

Another congratulations goes out to Emily M. in 3rd grade, whose water lily picture will represent Irish Elementary in the Superintendent Art Show. Emily’s work will be framed and displayed for the entire year in the district board room! Great job, Emily!

We also have two more art shows coming up soon!

The third grade and first grade arts nights are an opportunity for students in those grades to show what they have been learning in art, music, and literacy. Formal invitations will be sent home in Thursday folders as these events get closer!

Third Grade Arts Night: Thursday, February 13th, 5:30-6:30 at Irish

First Grade Arts Night: Thursday, March 12th, 5:30-6:30 at Irish

What We’ve Been Learning in the Art Room:

Earlier in the fall, all grades hopped into our time machines and started to journey back in time! We are discovering how art has changed over time. Here’s what each grade level has been learning:

Kinder and First Grade: These students started all the way back at the time of the dinosaurs and made fossils out of clay. Since then, we have learned about cave art, Native American art, the inventions of Leonardo da Vinci, and the waterlilies of Monet. Currently, students are learning about Surrealism. We are making crazy creatures like Joan Miro and melting clocks like Salvador Dali! Next, we will journey on to learn about Abstract Expressionism and then Pop Art!

Second and Third Grade: These students started out in Ancient Greece, making scratch art vases and masks. Then we learned about Native American sand paintings, Monet’s waterlilies, and Picasso’s silly Cubism portraits. Currently, students are learning about Surrealism. We learned about the American artist, William Wegman, who famously made silly pictures of his Weimaraner dogs doing “human” things. We read the book, Dogs Don’t Brush Their Teeth, and students made their own silly dog pictures. Next, these students will learn about Abstract Expressionism and how some artists paint to music!

Fourth and Fifth Grade These students first took their time machine back to the time of the Aztecs and created metallic clay suns. Next we learned about Native American art and created dreamcatchers. After this, students learned about the Renaissance and practiced contour drawing and shading to create realistic drawings. Currently, students are learning about Surrealism. Students are creating “surrealism in space” pictures, and are learning how to shade 3D spheres with oil pastels!