Literacy Resources

Literacy is the most important part of a child's education.  Grade level literacy is vital to raise the chances of student success in high school and college and for their success in the global job market.  At Irish, students learn literacy bilingually by mastering literacy in their first language and gradually adding more literacy in their second language until they are able to read and write in both languages proficiently. In Kindergarten, students learn to read and write only in their first language, but by 4th grade, most students are learning literacy in both languages.

In order to better understand your child's literacy levels in English and Spanish, please follow the links to our "Parent's guide to literacy."  These handbooks will show you what your child's reading level means, what they are working on at that level, and what "just right" text should look like for them at that level. For the Parents Guide: Reading in English, click here. For the Parent's Guide: Reading in Spanish, click here.

The most important thing parents to can do to ensure their child's success in reading is to make sure that they are reading "just right" books at home.  Research has show that in order for students to make the best gains in reading, pre-school and kindergarteners should be reading with their parents at least thirty to forty storybooks a week.  By 5th grade, students should be reading a novel a week.  This may seem like more than conventional knowledge tells us, but it is vitally important to a child's education, their career and their lives.