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What do you like best about teaching?: 

I enjoy teaching because children view the world as something new and wonderful. I like to share their view and always see each day as a new and wonderful one.

Favorite Books: 

My favorite book is "Old Black Witch." My first grade teacher read it to my class. She then invited us in early one morning to enjoy the pancakes that are a part of the story. Old Black Witch is actually a good witch, but kind of grouchy. She helps a mother and her son when robbers try to steal money from their tea house.

Hobbies & Interests include...: 

I read, read, read, and then read some more. My greatest interest is langauge. I enjoy looking in the dictionary to find out where words came from.

What I like about my school...: 

Irish in not the usual public school. There is diversity and a focus on language. We learn in Spanish and English. We play in Spanish and English. What could be better for a person who loves langauge?