Mr. David Autenrieth

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Educational Background: 

I was born and raised in Aurora Colorado. Then, I went to CSU for my undergraduate work. I also studied abroad in Puebla Mexico. I graduated with honors from CSU 2002 with Spanish and Education concentration. I began work at Irish Elementary in 2003 and have been here ever since. I did my Master's in Bilingual and English as a Second Language K-12 at UNC and graduated in 2008. I worked at Irish as a 4th grade bilingual teacher for 9 years. I was an instructional coach for 7 years and now I am loving being the assistant principal.  It is such an honor and privilege to say that I have spent my entire professional career at Irish Elementary.

What do you like best about teaching?: 

When I teach kids, work with teachers, or meet with parents, their joy, humor and love of learning energizes me. I love working with our community!

Favorite Books: 

My favorite books from my childhood up to now are Calvin and Hobbes Books.

Hobbies & Interests include...: 

I love martial arts, soccer, running, tennis, almost any sport. I also love music. I play (at a very basic level) trumpet and guitarr.

What I like about my school...: 

I love the amazing staff, students, and parents at Irish. I love that we are preparing students for the 21st Century. Our bilingual program gives kids the opportunity to be competitive in an ever more global market.

Favorite Quote: 

"Treat the earth well: it was not given to us by your parents, it was loaned to us by your children."