Ms. Montserrat Granados

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About Me
About Me: 

 I was born in Mexico City, Mexico and moved with my family to Colorado when I was 8 years old. I am a Navy Veteran and have had the chance to travel and live in many places. My degree is in Art Education and specifically enjoy making artwork with precious metals. I love camping and spending time with my husband and dog. 

Educational Background: 

Bachelor's of Art in K-12 Art Education from Colorado State University 

What do you like best about teaching?: 

Helping students make connect what they are learning to their personal experiences and cultures. I enjoy seeing students play with new materials to create through hands on learning. 

Hobbies & Interests include...: 

Art, camping, and spending time with family.

What I like about my school...: 

is everyone's willingless to help and answer questions as well as the strong committment to growth.