Parents are essential to our community of learners!  At Irish, we have very close connections with students's parents and families, because they are thier child's first teachers.  We keep these connections close through many communication channels. 

Irish Newsletter

School newsletters are sent home with every student the second Thursday of the month.  They include a letter from the principal as well as important school activities that are coming up.  A calendar of important dates for the month is also published.  The newsletter provides highlights and accomplishments that have occurred in the previous month.

Irish Elementary Handbook

This handbook is to be updated every three years.  We will distribute the handbook to every student every time it is updated.  Information contained in the handbook will also be available on the website.  New students will receive the handbook with their registration packets.

School Accountability Report (SAR)

Every year the Colorado Department of Education creates a report for each school that highlights their overall academic performance and academic growth of students according to their TCAP scores.  To determine academic performance for elementary schools the Reading, Writing, and Math TCAP scores are used.  Ratings are Excellent, High, Average, and Low.  The growth measure compares each student’s performance to students in the same grade throughout Colorado who had similar TCAP scores in past years and calculates a growth percentile.  A school can be categorized as having High, Typical, or Low growth. 

Back to School Night

Back to School Night is Irish’s first family event of the school year, typically occurring the second week of school.  This is a wonderful opportunity to meet your child’s teacher and learn about the different topics that they will learn throughout the school year.  Expectations for student behavior are also explained.  In addition, thanks to the wonderful congregation of Redeemer Lutheran Church, we are able to provide food and entertainment throughout the evening for all members of the family.

Student Planners and Homework

Each child will receive a student planner at the beginning of the year.  The cost for a planner is $4.00.  When you send the fee with your child you may also choose to donate money towards sponsoring a child that cannot afford one.  Students write in their planners each day about their homework and important events.  Please check your child’s planner each day to ensure that they have done their homework, and sign it daily.  This is one of the most important parent involvement strategies that you can do to ensure your child gets the best education:  hold them accountable for doing their homework!

Thursday Folders

Irish Elementary has adopted a system for organizing important papers that need parent attention.  Every Thursday a blue folder will be sent home full of important information such as field trip permission forms, school assembly flyers, all school activities, fundraising opportunities, newsletters, and information about community activities.  Inside the front cover of the folder, there is a form for parents to sign each week signifying that they have indeed seen the Thursday Folder.  Parents also have room to write any comments or questions to the teacher.

Parent Teacher Conferences

We strongly value the relationship with parents where we can create a constructive learning environment both at school and at home in order to better meet the child’s academic needs.  The fall conferences are typically scheduled in October, prior to the end of the first quarter.  Our objective is to meet with every parent during this conference time. However, communication between the home and school is a two-way continuous process.   During fall conferences parents and teachers will talk about how the child has been doing and the possible grade they will receive at the end of the quarter.  These conferences take place during the week and the students do not come to school.  Spring conferences typically occur around February – March and are less informal than the fall conferences.  Teachers are required to make a parent contact either by phone or in person to discuss the educational needs and achievements of their child.

Parents can request a conference with a teacher at any point during the school year.  Parents should feel free to schedule a conference whenever a concern arises. At the same time, teachers appreciate good news feedback as well. Report cards for first through fifth grades are given out at the first conference and the Thursday following the last day of each of the remaining three quarters.  Kindergarten teachers will inform parents when their report cards will be sent home.

School Calendar